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We are a leading electronic appliances showroom in Chennai, India dealing with the supply of electric fans and water heaters. Our fan distributors are located in all major cities in the country. We are involved in the sale of different types of fans for residential as well as industrial purposes. Today’s homes are extremely insulated and can be said as air tight. The biggest drawback of these kind of houses is lack of fresh air and rise in electric bills. We can see that the doors and windows are shut throughout the day which results in moisture, humidity, contamination of air, etc.
For any populace, the most dazzling feel in their daily life is a hot water bathing. Since, bathing is coined to be the most first issue in everyone’s daily verve, it should be trouble free as well as spontaneous.

Fans Distributors in Chennai

Fan Distributor Chennai
This gives rise to mild health problems like – cold, cough, allergies etc.. So, it is very important to have an exhaust fan in every house. The quality of the air inside your house can be improved by installing an exhaust fan in your house. . There are a number of classes and categories in fans, and one can get the desired model as per their requirement. Some of the popular models include – energy saver fans, decorative with an extra air thrust, decorative fans, high speed fans, popular fans, kids fans, four blade fans and international design with light.
You can use decorative fans to enhance the beauty of your drawing room. Similarly, one can find small kids ceiling fans for their kids room, four blade ceiling fans for large rooms, etc. You can also save a huge amount on electric city bills by purchasing fans from reputed brands like – Orient, Bajaj, Usha etc. In Raju Fan House you can compared the prices of branded fans with other branded company.

Our range of fans include

Ceiling fans:
These types of fans are permanently fixed to the ceiling and cover a wide area of space for cooling because they have long blades. We are offering a variety of ceiling fans in different colors and sizes depending on room requirements.
Pedestal fans:
Our pedestal fans are portable, light weight and easy to maintain and come in various sizes and colors. They can be placed in any part of the room for efficient cooling purposes.
Table fans:
Small, light weight and portable our table fan is a good choice for providing cool air while at home or in office
Wall mounted fans:
Wall mounted fans can be fixed in place where a ceiling fan is not available like the kitchen. We are selling colorful, easy to install wall mounting fans for residences and offices.
Exhaust fans:
Our high efficiency exhaust fans are a good option for kitchens and bathrooms as they clear polluted air and smoke very quickly. For more details about the electric fans and their prices you can enquiry our fan distributors or Raju Fan House showroom directly. Our showroom is also dealing with different types of water heaters. Our electric water heater distributor in chennai is very popular amongst the customers and has made its way into many residential homes in Chennai and other major cities in India. Our range of water heaters include
Immersion water heater:
Easy to handle, light weight and portable our immersion heaters come with an ISI mark and are available at very low and affordable prices and is a popular and ideal choice for houses and hostels where wall mounted heaters or centralized heating is not available.
Wall mounted water heaters:
They are the unanimous choice for all houses. Our water heaters come in various sizes and capacities like 5L, 10L, 15L and 25L. The heaters have a five star rating because they have been designed for improved energy efficiency. They consume less electricity compared to other brands. They have an auto power off option once the water is heated. A temperature control knob has been provided to adjust the temperature of water. They are easy to install and maintain.
Solar water heaters:
The solar water heaters are completely energy efficient as they depend only on solar energy for heating the water. The hot water can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry work. We are providing free installation and free maintenance for one year on purchase of solar water heaters from our showroom or our water heater distributor in chennai. For more details about rates and specifications please visit our showrooms or our distributors. You can also download the digital brochure of the various products available with us from our website.
Raju Fan House is a trusted brand showroom and we have been enjoying a loyal customer support in and around Chennai for many years. Our services are speedy and reliable and we are providing annual maintenance contracts at affordable rates. Our products are genuine and reasonably priced. We ensure guaranteed replacement in case of any faults in our products. In case of repair or installation please contact our website for immediate service. Our showroom aims at providing excellent service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
We have a stunning display of electric fans and water heaters. All these products are highly reliable and cost-effective. The prices of these products are unbeatable as compared to other brands. For more details about our fans and heaters please send us an inquiry and we will mail back our complete range of products, their specifications and price list.
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